Right material for your board

A difficult task

There are hundreds of varieties of Skirting Boards available in the market now. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right one for your work. We cannot even choose oat biscuits from few options, and then this is about choosing a wooden board with so many options and many brands. Therefore, it is a big task. One type of board does not fit for all work. It is very important to study them before buying them. After research, you can easily access the situation and select perfect board for your use.

Three major types of wood.

You can select from these three major types of wooden board

1. High density or hardwood

As the name suggests itself, it is hard. It has high tensile strength. These woods can withhold strong force. We often see them on floors. The same woods are used in stages to support the base and wooden planks. They are costlier and hard to transport. They are rigid and durable. They can take knocks from a hammer. If you use this then damage caused to your building by climate change is less.

2. Medium density skirting

These are most popular boards. There are two types in them. One is pre-finished and other is pre-primed. You can get these boards for lower cost. Prefinished are standard boards. You can use them for support flooring, roofing support and as walls. If you want them to use for decoration and design, then go for pre-primed. Almost all the companies sell these two variants.

3. Softwood

These are for a temporary purpose. You can feel them in hand. Many people use them for decoration purpose. Few people prefer them to build toy house or miniature models etc. low cost and low performance skirting.


It is very clear that the skirting boards have many varieties. Therefore, you need to have the proper knowledge to select perfect material for work. As these are engineered boards, you can use them for all the purpose. Given that, you choose the right one.